July 17, 2015

Some Fridays you just need to hear a classic dance track. Something to remind you that the week is over and that everything is going to be okay. We’re talking about the failsafe, bona-fide floor fillers that have a special place in everyone’s hearts, the ones that neither time, nor fashion, nor club closures will taint. The safe hands for the weekend; Your Born Slippys. Your Insomnias. Your Castles In The Sky.

Today is such a Friday, friends, and what better wato start your weekend on a hot but mellow note than Unfinished Sympathy. Manchester sextet The Six have pulled out this brilliant cover, swapping out the big strings for some minimal synths, bit drops and a beautiful vocal turn from Jasmine Thompson. Let’s get this thing started.

Check out Nothing In The World available now as a free download:

Look out for the new single, ‘Don’t Go Running’ due for release in August