July 24, 2015

We’re going to do a pun. Get ready. Are you ready? Okay here it comes. Deep breaths now.

East Coast Australian band Tora are playing an absolutely massive succession of shows all over Europe this summer and autumn. It’s so big they should be called Tourer. Tourer! Because they tour so much, yeah?

Well anyway, Tora are over here and we’re really into it. Hailing from Byron Bay, the five-piece makes what they call Chillwave. It’s a beat-filled ambient electronic sound, with syncopated rhythms and vast synth washes that unveils a lush set of sonic landscapes for your eardrums to run amok in.

After gaining quite a following in their homeland’s blossoming electronic scene, have brought their entrancing live show to us here in Europe. We recommend catching them if you can.

And if that wasn’t enough, they do a pretty epic cover of Little Dragon’s ‘Twice’: