July 27, 2015

With festival season upon us, we’re all about the festival ‘fro. Day one festival hair styling is a doddle. Easy as pie. Your locks are freshly washed and looking luscious. But what happens on day two and day three when your hair is looking less than desirable? Someone chucked a cup of what we hope was beer over your best outfit, you fell rather ungraciously into a puddle of muck around 2am when you’d had one too many bevvies, and you’re left with a bit of a sticky situ. So much stress.

We hear your cries of pain and anguish and we’re here, along with hair salon, Blue Tit London, to remedy them. Whether it’s a chunky braid or bright and bold hair chalking, we’ve got your festival style covered. Hair stylist Declan Haworth shows us how it’s done in this five-part series of How To festival style guides. Over to you, Declan…


Step 1
Create one square section through the top of the hair and tie the bottom section in a pony out the way with a hair bobble.

Step 2
Create a French plait along the top of the head using the square section of hair. Secure where desired and then loosen gently.

Step 3
Work from the top of the ear. Starting at the temples create three sections to begin the plait. Incorporate hair underneath the plait.

Step 4
Repeat on the other side

Step 5
Secure the plaits with bobbles at the desired place