July 28, 2015

It’s time to stock up on your coffee table stack, get armed with weekend reading material and broaden your fashion horizons with our book of the month, Style Stalking from Refinery 29. Fashion blogger, Charlotte aka Charlestown Vintage gives us the verdict. Over to you Charlotte…

Fearlessness in fashion goes a long way

We’ve all had those days where you take one long look at your wardrobe, panic-try on 10 different outfits, only to go back to the first and safest choice. This is where you, (and every other girl) needs a copy of Style Stalking.

From the two creative minds behind Refinery 29 (only one of the coolest fashion and style websites aimed at young women to come out of the US), Style Stalking is all about releasing your inner style trendsetter by using what you’ve already got. With an added splash of confidence, of course. So the next time you find yourself reaching for your comfy, go-to outfit, have a little flick through this gem, get inspired, and then (and only then) go back to your wardrobe.

You only live once, so why not go for it?

So sayeth Style Stalkers Christene and Piera, who just want to inspire women to take a risk with their style. Forget what everyone else is thinking, and embrace it! Style Stalking is absolutely loaded with helpful fashion tips to help you realise your #fashiongoals and it features some amazing trends like Modern Metallics, Everyday Ladylike, Denim, Ugly Pretty, (the list goes on…)

I also love the ‘zoom lens’ feature in this book which helps you pick out the little details of an outfit that can transform you from stylish to style star.

Style Stalking should give you some handy tools to be your best self… go out there and just wear it!

Each ‘How to Wear’ section features the most inspirational street style from across the world, from bloggers and stylists to creatives and designers (you get the picture). My absolute favourite part of this book is the ‘One Piece, Three Ways’ feature, which takes a classic item of clothing that’s already lurking in your wardrobe such as the leather jacket, and shows you how to style it three different ways. This is a super handy styling trick when you know you’re going to wear those boots/that jacket to death and can’t afford to splash out on several purchases.

You also need to take a peek at the ‘All Year Round’ pages, which takes a key trend and shows you how to make it into a year-round go to. Who doesn’t love a year-long staple?

Inspiration can be found anywhere without having to look too far. So get out there, believe in yourself, be fearless, and remember: ‘why choose basic anything when you can shine instead?’