August 7, 2015

Get in the coffee know with your favourite coffee roasters, Lot Sixty One. Founded by Australian friends Adam Craig and Paul Jenner, they opened the doors in 2013. Because we all love a good coffee, Urban Outfitters Amsterdam will be putting on a series of coffee based events over the next month to celebrate all things hot, steamy and caffeinated. In the lead up to our first event, coffee brew school, we spoke to Adam on how to make the perfect latte.


1. Cold whole fat milk will give you your best chance to create micro foam (think wet paint, not bubble bath), the trick is not to overheat the milk

2. Fill the milk pitcher with approx 150ml of milk

3. Hold the handle of the milk pitcher and place the steam tip 1cm below the milk in the first quadrant and turn on steam, this will create a vortex of spinning milk.

4. Bring the steam tip up to the surface and surf this vortex to incorporate 4-5 seconds of air and than submerge the steam tip and continue to spin the milk.

5. Once the milk is hot, you will sense that the pitcher is to hot to touch with your hand than its time to turn off the steam.

6. pour your milk slowly into the centre of the cup similar to pouring a glass of wine, as the cup fills to approximately half way its time to lower the tip of the pitcher towards the centre and pour quicker, this will create a white ball.

7. Once a ball is acheived its time to elevate the steam tip back up slightly and whip the milk stream from centre to the rim of the cup, this will create a heart shape