October 6, 2015

When you wake up in the morning clutching a pile of blankets and duvets to your chest in panic at the shrill sound of your alarm, the light has barely begun to filter through the window and you know you’re going to have to make a mad dash to the bathroom to get under a hot shower, it’s officially winter. Welcome, one and all.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. As much as our sandals and shorts are now packed firmly away in the depths of our wardrobes, we can now think about refreshing our cardigan game. From the belted cardigan that feels like you haven’t moved out of your dressing gown to the festive printed knit, we’ve got your cardigan needs covered, and then some. See our top picks and laugh yourself all the way to work.

The Turtleneck

We’ve got an on-going love affair with the humble turtleneck jumper. It keeps you warm and when paired with an A-line skirt, it looks like a dream.

Shop: Brushed Turtleneck Top

The Belted Cardigan

Too hot for a coat but too cold for nothing? The belted cardigan comes to the rescue. Layer over a roll-neck top for an autumnal nod to the ‘70s. Although it isn’t yet acceptable to go out in public draped in your dressing gown (sigh), these belted cardigans will have you feeling like you’re in your robe, but looking life appropriate.

Shop: Pins & Needles Loop Stitch Belted Ivy Cardigan, BDG Brushed Ivory Belted Cardigan and Light Before Dark Brushed Belted Cardigan

Printed Knit

There’s going to be at least one occasion this winter that will require you to sport a brash Christmas jumper and this jumper is the solution, balancing nicely on the border between festive and casual.

Shop: Fair Isle Jumper

Oversize Roll Neck

The oversized roll neck, what’s not to love? For those days where you long to be in your pyjamas, but you have to go to work. For added comfort, team with a pair of culottes.

Shop: Light Before Dark Ribbed Chunky Roll Neck Jumper

Ribbed Classics

In terms of winter basic, the ribbed V-neck jumper is a staple. The most fitted out of the lot, it’s perfect for tucking into high-waisted jeans, teaming with an A-line mini or layering up.

Shop: Basic Ribbed V-Neck