October 13, 2015

Electronic infused indie pop band, KYTES are a splash of colour on a cold October day. Having released their first single, Inner Cinema in June this year, we’re all over the eternal summer vibes of their music. Peppered with synth and a pounding bassline, Inner Cinema was a tasty tease for On The Run, their second single released earlier this month. We caught up with KYTES on filming their music video for On The Run in Brighton, the soundtrack to their youth and the start of their first tour in Germany.

UO: Tell us a little about your story so far

Hey! We’re Michael, Timothy, Kerim and Thommy and we are KYTES. We’ve been friends for a long time and doing music for as long as we can remember, but we’ve been writing and recording music as KYTES since summer 2014.

We released our first track, Inner Cinema in August 2015. We’ve played a couple of festivals in Germany over the summer, recorded a few tracks and have just released our second track, ON THE RUN this month. We’re really excited to be releasing our debut EP of the same name next month, and we’ll be embarking on our first headline tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

UO: When did you all meet and when did you know you wanted to form a band?

Michael and Kerim met for the first time in kindergarten and became friends instantly. Timothy met Michael and Kerim in their soccer team at age seven, while Thommy met the three of them at the annual summer camp in 2005. (We all go back a long way!) As already said we are life long friends and we’ve wanted to be a band since forever, and this summer we finally united that energy and made it happen.

UO: Do you come from musical backgrounds?

Michael’s parents always listenend to oldies. It influenced his musical tastes a lot and he still listens to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and CCR. Tim’s first favourite band was The Police, but his dad who is a musician also introduced him to jazz and funk music like Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power and Weather Report.

Thommy comes from more of a hard rock, metal background. His heart still beats for Queen, Metallica, Slayer etc. Kerim is also a big Beatles fan but he listend to a lot of hip hop in his teens, so basically we’re influenced by all sorts of genres.

UO: Which artists or bands did you listen to growing up and have they influenced your music now?

We grew up listening to Blink-182 and other pop punk bands. At age 16 we all started to listen to indie bands like Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party and The Strokes. In general, we always listened to a wide range of music and still do now. So right now we love the new Foals and Tame Impala records, but we also listen to a lot of Major Lazer, Caribou, Jamie xx and Kendrick lamar.

When we write and play music, we try to mix all these influences from different genres into our band, this is how something unique can evolve.

UO: Who are your guilty pleasures?

Miley Cyrus

UO: You’ve just filmed your music video for On The Run in Brighton! How was that experience and what is your impression of Brighton?

As we arrived in Brighton our bus broke down, but we still think Brighton is amazing! We love the pier, the numerous bars, the North Laine and of course, the beach.
 The people were so lovely in Brighton. Plus, we had ourselves some delicious seafood, so we’ll definitely be coming back.

UO: How are you feeling about your first ever upcoming tour? What do you think you’ll love (or hate!) the most about touring?

Being out there and playing our music to a whole new bunch of people is thrilling. We’ve never been on tour before and are really looking forward to that experience. We’ll find out soon enough if we hate anything!

UO: What has been your favourite KYTES memory so far?

Our first show in Munich on June 12th which was sold out!! It was amazing!

UO: Where do you hope to see KYTES in the future? 

Leeds and Reading Festival

And finally..

We’re currently listening to… 10.000 Emerald Pools – BORNS.
Our dream collaboration is…There are so many people out there we would love to work with. To work with Mark Hoppus, who sometimes produces smaller bands he likes, would be a dream come true.
Our favourite city in the world is…this is a hard one… could be Barcelona, Brighton, Stockholm or Sydney.
Our pre-show ritual is…listening to loud music, brushing our teeth and finally getting together in a circle hug.
Post-show, we always… get ourselves a cold beer and talk about the show on a comfy backstage couch

Check out KYTES looking sharp in head to toe Urban Outfitters in their music video for On The Run: