October 13, 2015
PumpkinRiot via JebbiePix

Image credit JebbiePix

This week, we’re embracing the Halloween spirit, undertaking some self-improvement and learning how to carve a pumpkin worthy of a magazine spread. We spoke with one of the craftiest clubs in London, Drink Shop Do, for their top tips and tricks on becoming a pro at pumpkin carving. Over to you, guys…

1. Get inspired. Flick through some images – there are some amazing ideas out there! Cutting out the negative space works really well, so your scary cat silhouette or ghost is left. Scraping away the orange flesh but not going all the way through will give you an awesome glowing effect. You can even use the pumpkin guts to spill out of the mouth like sick, eww!!

2. Size up your pumpkin and visualise the design. Draw your design on paper. Or if you’re not feeling the imaginative thing, print out one you like from the hundreds of cool templates online.

3. Stab a large serrated knife in near the top, use a sawing motion to cut out your lid. Cut at a 45 degree angle so it sits back on nicely. Try playing around with the shape, star or hexagon lids look great, and straight lines are easier anyway.

4. Scoop out the guts and seeds with a strong metal spoon. [Roast the seeds with oil and salt for a delicious snack while you think up an awesome design.] If you have a large pumpkin, keep on scraping at the flesh on the side you want to carve to make it a little thinner and so easier to cut a precision design. (Not too thin or it will collapse on you!) 15mm is ideal.

3. When you’ve found the one, tape it in place on your pumpkin.

4. Use a large strong needle, metal kebab skewer or similar tool to prick the outline of your design through the paper into the skin of the pumpkin. You’re not trying to go all the way through, just so you can take the paper away and see the design like a dot-to-dot.

5. Draw over the dots in crayon or with a sharpie so you can see it clearly. Hash out the bits that are to be cut away.

6. If you have any area of your design you want to scrape the orange flesh off, but not go all the way through, then start with these. You can buy little tools for this but if you’re not quite ready to invest in your new sport then you can make do with a craft knife.

7. Voila. Kick back and enjoy your spooky creation.

If you really want to get the creative juices flowing, Drink Shop Do will be hosting a series of pumpkin workshops this month! Head down for Halloween themed frivolity.

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