October 20, 2015

It’s official, winter is coming. We don’t know about you, but here at UO HQ, we’re dreaming of soft blankets, being smothered in cushions and resting our feet up. Get ready for the frostiness ahead with French textile designer, Julie Robert who shows you how to customise our favourite cat cushion by Baines & Fricker. Over to you, Julie.

You will need:

- Printed pillow
- Wool
- 20 cm of pom pom braid
- Embroidery and sewing thread
- Small embroidery hoop
- Scissors
- Pencil

1. Making the crown and collar is really simple:

- Draw the accessories on with a pencil
- Use the embroidery hoop to keep the fabric taut as you work. Try to avoid puckering the fabric which can lead to uneven stitches
- With the needle and the thread, make a simple stitch ranging from top to bottom.

2. Take your wool and pom poms and go craft crazy! I have sewed little collars and ties on some cats using the black wool and little hair flowers using the pink wool and pom poms.

All done! And if you’re more a dog person, this alternative dog cushion might just be perfect for you. Get creative!