October 20, 2015

Get wrapped up, it’s winter! More specifically, get wrapped up in a quality, crafted coat from Greatcoat! We chat with the London based two man band to find out about the design process, inspirations behind the collection and to get their top styling tips on how to rock the Greatcoat.

UO: Tell us a little about the story of Greatcoat so far

We’re a family business based in London and have both worked in the fashion industry, developing and creating brands for many years. We felt it was time to combine our skills and create something we felt really passionate about, something credible and something we could be proud of. We start from scratch when approaching our designs using unique patterns and a combination of British and Italian fabrics. We’re able to produce crafted, quality coats because we’re literally a two man band! We have no studio, showroom or any other staff except ourselves.

How would you sum up Greatcoat in three words

Modern, British, Contemporary

Shop: Greatcoat Albery Black Melton Wool Peacoat

UO: What era inspires this collection?

We initially took inspiration from the Great War with military inspired greatcoats and trench coats. We looked to bring these styles up to date through modern styling, silhouette and fabric. We have moved right through to the modern era for utility and function with great success. For instance, our take on a Classic Mac has been a staple product under different guises throughout the decades.

UO: What are your top three styling tips for rocking a Greatcoat?

Combining textures, wearing denim and doing some casual layering can really relax a style that might be considered a ‘smart’ piece of outerwear. I would also suggest adding splashes of colour through small accessories such as scarves and pocket squares.

UO: Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

That’s a tough one! I wear The Arthur Mac all the time as it’s pretty much suitable all year round

Shop: Greatcoat Arthur Bonded Mac Jacket

UO: Can you walk us through the design process from the seed of an idea to finished product?

Outerwear is one of the more complex categories! We start with an inspiration board to reflect the ideas we want to see in our collection. We then look at fabrics, trims and textures to fit with our look and feel and that lend the collection character. After this, we would look to place fabrics or colours to specific styles. Once this is all confirmed we order our sample lengths and trims while putting to work any new style patterns or revisions. When we are satisfied with sample fits in substitute fabrics that we have fitted or tweaked, we will move on to sample production. Once we gain orders we will then grade our patterns for all sizes and place in to production, following the previous steps to full finished production standard…This is a very basic understanding of a complicated and time consuming process

Shop: Greatcoat Ralph Navy Textured Coat

UO: Where do you seek inspiration?

Everywhere! People in the street, on the bus, on the tube or train…… Everywhere you see something you like or how they wear it is always interesting. London is probably one of the best places to be for what we are looking to produce.

UO: What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend in London?

That’s tough! I spend my summer in the parks, and winter in the pubs!

Shop: Greatcoat Ralph Houndstooth Coat