November 4, 2015

Having illustrated a collection of badass labels for London based brewery, Partizan and having worked on some rad Byron campaigns, we’re loving the happy and drunken work of Alec Doherty. With a bold use of primary colours and crazy characters, Alec’s work is playful and darn funny. We caught up with him about his involvement with Partizan brewery, personal projects and unleashing his creativity with a little aid…

UO: Tell us a little about your story so far

I’m from Darlington a market town up in the North East of England. I’m the youngest of 7 kids, my older brothers and sisters we’re all doing things in the arts and music growing up so I dutifully followed suit. I moved to London about six years ago and now work from a little studio in Dalston.

UO: What are you most excited about working on at the moment?

I’m really enjoying working on some of my own stuff at the moment about Youth Clubs, and I’ll be showing a few pieces of at the Hackney Bureau in November. I’m working on some sculptural stuff which is really good fun and new for me, and also gets me away from the computer screen. We’re also doing a new range of pump clips which sounds fairly boring but I’m really enjoying working on for Partizan Brewing as well as working with a fashion house on some new pieces which should be out next year.

UO: Are there any particular themes you are repeatedly drawn to?

I reference New Orleans quite a lot in my work. I’ve sadly never been but I’ve built up an image of it in my head which I refer to a lot for ideas. I love the music and the imagery from the city.

UO: Do you have any rituals if you are feeling creatively blocked?

If I’m finding it hard to get an idea together I think its best to stop thinking about it for a bit and come back to it later, cup of tea and a fag or a couple of days. If not a tab of acid helps kick in the doors.

UO: What’s your favourite medium?

Mystic Meg or possibly Gary Spivey.

UO: How did you become involved with the Puck Collective and how has that experience been so far?

The Puck Collective has been a brilliant experience. The guys invited me to become a member a couple of years ago. We’ve all become good friends, its great having a network of artists around you to share experiences with. Over the past few years I’ve watched people in the collective blowing up and its great to be a part of their journey.

UO: You’ve worked with a range of brands, from Byron to Partizan – what’s been the most memorable project you’ve worked on?

I think if there was one project I’d pick out as being the most memorable it would have to be the on going work with Partizan Brewing. I’ve been working with the guys from the very start and they’ve helped massively to get my work seen. Its a very free project we have a lot of fun with it and I’ve learnt a huge amount from it which has helped me develop my style.

UO: Describe your style in three words

Gaudy, dancing, drunkard.

UO: Favourite way to spend a weekend in London?

With the gang down the club.