November 9, 2015

Get crafty this season and personalise your Christmas gifts with this tutorial on macramé. The French expert on macramé, Julie Eye See shows you how to cover up your make-up bag in time for winter with this textured flap… Over to you, Julie!

You will need:

- A ball of cotton rope 3mm, which you can find in DIY stores. They are about 120 inches, one is enough.
- a leather clip cut
- a ruler
- scissors
- a white marker (that erases preferably)

For those already initiated to macrame, this tutorial will take it to the next level in terms of difficulty because there is a new knot to learn. For those who are new, I suggest you take a look at my first tutorial, the risk being that this all seems a little complicated … That being said, it’s achievable if you follow the steps correctly.

1. Preparing the bag

- Start by cutting 20 blades of rope, 1 meter long
- Turn the bag inside out. With a cutter, remove the stitches and roll out to the top (in order to drill the leather without discomfort)
- On the reverse side, draw a line of 20cm using the white marker. Draw it 4cm below the zip, as you can see on the picture and place the points every cm (20 in total).

- Use the leather pliers and perforate where indicated

- Take two strands by two, have them enter through the front of the first hole and out through the back of the second hole. Repeat with all your strands to end up like the picture.

2. Constructing the flap

- Make a first row of square knots

Remember the first tutorial, it’s ABOVE ABOVE BELOW. If you’ve forgotten, the image below will help:

- Do five rows, always straight, tighten the same way for the spacing of knots. Make sure they are tight enough:

- The Loop: Here comes the new knot for you to get your head around.

Stretch the first blade 45 ° down (you can look at the photo to give you an idea)

Then wrap the second blade around the first (holding it properly) from right to the left. Tighten. Then coil it one more time in the same way and tighten again.

Always hold the first blade in the same path and coil successively around it until the 10th blade, always tightening. You’ve then made a beautiful line loop.

Take the 20th blade in one of your hands, stretch it in the same way as the first and make a loop line the same way.

I’ve shown you the beginning because this time we need to go in the other direction, to the left.

Make a last loop to unite the 1st and 20th blades together:

Then do the same thing on the remaining side of the right cover, so the 11th and 20th blades will be your path and that’ll wrap around, as shown in the picture:

3. Finishing Touches

On the underside of the kit, I attached the blades with a small piece of rope in the middle to collect them together. It’s not essential, but I think it looks pretty!

Then cut the fringes with scissors keeping a 3cm overhang. Then unplait them to add more texture to the fringes.

And it’s done!

Here at UO HQ, we can’t get enough of Julie’s Instagram account @julieeyesee – check it out for a source of DIY inspiration!