November 9, 2015

Get your party hat on and get set to celebrate the fifth birthday of Red Bull Studios, London. Prepare your ears and eyes for a week-long takeover celebrating all things music and art. We kick proceedings off with an exclusive mix from Toddla T. Over to you…

“My mix for Red Bull Studios 5th anniversary is dedicated to one of my favourite artists on the planet, Roses Gabor. She’s so individual, so creative, so brilliant and so out the box. She’s brilliant, she writes in a way that is so different and individual. I’ve never worked with an artist who thinks the way she does.

You know when you put a beat on, you hear things and she’ll just come in the studio and do something that’s so different from what you thought, but so much more brilliant. That’s her in a sentence. That’s one of the reasons why she’ll win regardless of what happens in the future, because she is truly an individual soul. Not only is her personality totally brilliant but her music is even more brilliant! She’s featured on some massive records with SBTRKT, with Buraka Som Sistema, she got a number one record with Gorillaz and she’s performed on the main stage at Glastonbury. I know that 2016 is the time for her to shine with her own record rather than putting her flavour on other people’s records.

Her album which is coming out in 2016 has been done entirely by herself: she picked the beats, made the beats, went to the studio. Every time I speak to her she’s in the studio. She’s a workaholic!

In this mix, we look back on where she’s come from, who she’s worked with, such as Redlight, SBTRKT, Swindle, myself, and a whole heap of artists I’m featuring on this mix.”