November 16, 2015

The sunny, energetic sound of Hinds is utterly addictive. The four piece previously known as Deers are a raucous force of sound and sass. The four piece hailing from Madrid began as a duo, comprising Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garci Perrote; bassist Ade Martin joined next followed by drummer Amber Grimbergen to complete the line-up. Having released a handful of tracks in 2014 and 2015 such as the fun and colourful ‘Bamboo’ and ‘Trippy Gum’ we’re anticipating the release of their debut album, Leave Me Alone in January 2016.

As the band prepare to play Urban Outfitters Barcelona on Thursday 19th November, we catch up with them about the perks of being in a band with your friends, tour highlights and being the first Spanish band to play Glastonbury.

UO: Did you always know you wanted to be musicians?

Always? At all! We were surrounded by musicians all the time, but it had to be in the most wonderful no-presure, beautiful trip we did in 2011 to the coast of spain (Carlotta and Ana) when we realized we wanted to make music.

UO: Did you grow up in creative families?

Carlotta: I did! But not related to music, my family are all involved in cinema and theatre. Ana’s parents are both doctors but they’ve always educated her in a creative way. Ade’s parents are both architects but in the same way as Ana’s they encourage creativity. And Amber’s parents are both musicians! So yeah, in a way they’ve always supported us in this musical adventure.

UO: What’s the best thing about being in a band with your friends?

I think everything you do, if you do it with a friend is just way better. So.. this life is a life with a lot of extremes and living these extreme moments with your best friends make everything easier. I’m sure we wouldn’t be where we are today if we weren’t best friends, I’m just so sure.

UO: What’s been the funniest touring experience you’ve had so far?

We had a crazy night in Sydney. We built kind of a gang with the two bands we were playing and they took us to the beach at night, we swam, it started to rain like crazy, we had to run under a hotel lobby, police came and kicked us out… we ended up like 16 people clustered in our tiny hostel room.

UO: What bands did you listen to growing up and have they influenced your sound now?

We used to listen to a lot of oldies… Bob Dylan and The Velvet Underground and The Kinks and the Stones and Hendrix and all this stuff. But we made a decision one day that we had to listen to some contemporary bands – we had to support the music!! This happened at the same time when we started to go to all the gigs we could in Madrid, and we got addicted to live shows. So we started to listen only to music that was live.

UO: Who inspires you?

Our moms and the freedom. And also some beer.

UO: What’s been the highlight of 2015?

Being the first Spanish band to play on one of the main stages of Glastonbury EVER in history!

UO: What do you miss the most about Spain when you’re touring? What do you love about your home country you don’t find on tour?

The foooooddd! the food is so so so bad and expensive everywhere! Spanish food is always great and homemade and tasteful and cheap. We also sometimes miss some intimacy hahaha. You never get that while you’re on tour.

UO: What’s your favourite era?


And finally …

My favourite on the road song is… Public Access TV – All we want
My guilty pleasure is… expensive conditioners.
Our pre-show ritual is… beer in the shower!
Our post-show ritual is… cigarette and merch table!
Favourite city in the world is… Madrid. And New York City. But Madrid first.
Must-have wardrobe staple is… CLEAN PANTIES

See Hinds play live at Urban Outfitters Barcelona on Thursday 19th November