November 18, 2015

Our artist of the week is longtime friend and photographer for our favourite garage rock band, Hinds. We caught up with Miqui about his inspirations, favourite Hinds memory and his preference for film photography.

See Hinds play live at Urban Outfitters Barcelona on Thursday 19th November

UO: Can you tell us a little about your story so far?

I’m Miqui, I’m from Madrid, the city where I grew up and where I live and work right now. I’ve been taking photos for almost seven years, while I was studying advertising at university, because I always knew that I wanted to work on something that could start with my hands. Something that involves creativity and art, in any form.

UO: Where does your love of photography come from? Did you grow up in a creative family?

No I didn’t actually. My family has always been more involved with music; they are not musicians but from them I learnt how to develop my music taste and I guess that this influenced me somehow, it made me feel curious about other things, such as photography!

UO: Are there any themes you like to explore often in your work?

I work a lot with musicians and that’s something that I’d like to do even more. Each one has a style so each portrait is a new challenge. When you find the right photo for the right artist, then the final result is just marvelous, and is something that I will never tire of.

UO: How do you find event and gig photography in comparison to more editorialised shoots or collaborations with brands?

It has two parts, like everything. On the one hand, any photoshot can be good enough to work on if you have enough freedom to lend it your point of view. On the other hand, when you don’t have that freedom and you don’t feel confortable with it, then any kind of shoot can be bad, even if you’re working on the thing you like the most. That’s something that sometimes people forget with artists, they are supposed to give their point of view and that’s where the good works comes out!

UO: What’s been your best HINDS memory so far?

Well, I’ve had many good memories! I knew the girls even before they were a band. Actually I took some photos of some of them a long time ago. But now I’ve the chance to have a lot more good experiences with them. I try to help them doing my best on photography and design but the main reason why we have these experiences is because we are really good friends. Having said that, I know my best memory was the summer just gone: I went with the band to Glastonbury and it was incredible to see them play there on the John Peel stage and to spend the weekend at such a good music festival… awesome. I still have the bracelet on my wrist!

UO: How would you describe your photographic style in three words?

Friendships. Lighting. Mood.

UO: Do you prefer film or digital photography?

Film if possible. I have to do a lot of work that requires digital photography because you need the quality, but when I shoot with film I always get a different feeling. And I especially love it when the film is out of date or it has anomalies, I find that every reel is unique and that’s something that only happens with film photography.

UO: What inspires you both personally and professionally?

The main inspiration is my friends. Professionally, I choose them to take photos depending on their personality, so I know who is the right one for each photoshoot. Personally, they inspire my every day. I’m lucky to have a group of friends who love to create and to move forward, and that’s like having a constant support. Friends are life.

UO: What’s your go to working soundtrack?

Right now there are three songs that I can’t stop listening to:
1. Stwo – Haunted (ft. Sevdaliza)

2. Mura Masa – Love For That (ft. Shura)

3. Glass Animals & Joey Bada$$ – Lose Control

UO: What’s been the most challenging project you’ve worked on and why?

It sounds kind of funny, but it was a photoshoot of a band. I won’t say the name but I had a clear idea in mind, the situation was supposed to be under control but these guys just started to do real weird stuff, to pose in creepy postions! I didn’t know what to do, we were in the middle of the street and people were looking at us and I had to edit them later on photoshop moving the arms and legs in positions that could seem more natural. Hardest challenge ever, I promise.

UO: How much is post production involved in your work?

Not that much really. I know that I just talked about a crazy photoshoot with a lot of edits, but actually I just try to tweak the colours. I always like how the picures look in the most natural way. When I take photos I try to create an image that is as close to the final shot as I’d like, so that I don’t have to make too many edits in post production because it may seem fake, and I hate that.

And finally…

My favourite place in the world is… Madrid!
My favourite time of day is… From 8pm onwards, best things in life used to happen at that time.
The best photo I have ever taken was… I think it’s yet to come…
In 2016 I want to… Take the best photo I’ve ever taken!

See Hinds play live at Urban Outfitters Barcelona on Thursday 19th November