November 24, 2015

Any girl who hails from an avocado farm in Aus is our kinda girl. Kita Alexander first picked up a guitar to while away the time on her mum’s fruit stand. From humble beginnings she’s now released her debut single ‘My Own Way’ and the video for ‘Like You Want To,’ taken from her EP which is due for release pretty soon (although not soon enough for our liking.) We sent Kita a disposable camera to document how she spends the holiday season travelling Europe and Aus. Less hot chocolate and frosty mornings, more chilling on riverbanks and rocking out on the guitar…

This is a collection of photos from the adventures I’ve had over the last two months. I’ve been hectic busy in the studio every day, but I was able to have a few weekends away. Nature and travel is what constantly keeps me inspired. From France-London-California and back home to Australia, here’s my disposable diary.

Found a secret little river beach to relax in. Wrote heaps of lyrical ideas here and just chilled for the whole day.

Just giving this cool tree a hug.

My new sholphin (shark/dolphin) tattoo getting her first real life fishy kiss from a friendly, sadly limp washed up shrimp. (Definitely not a shrimp)

Had a session down in Brighton and it was such a nice day we couldn’t stay inside the studio cave, so we bought some beers and took a couple of guitars down to the beach. I think we wrote a chorus, but we were heaps distracted because it was such a beautiful day.

Tim on the piano, me on the bongos.

Went to a castle in the south of France to write music for two weeks.

Big Sur. Probably the prettiest coastline I’ve ever seen… And that’s saying something coming from a girl from Aus.

Doesn’t look casual. But it was kinda comfy.

Haven’t seen snow in almost five years, so when I saw some on the side of the road I was really excited.

Found some deer in Yosemite, got super close. The only way I could get them to look at me was by doing the dolphin sound. They were like ‘woah what was that, that chick is weird.’

London canal walking.

Louise doesn’t look happy that I’m reading my favourite book.

This is Johanne, one of my really good mates. This is me holding his hand.

Had a business meeting. Carrots = business