November 27, 2015

‘I wanted to write these pieces as a set of visions, prophetic poems imbued with spirituality’ says Dream Koala of his new three-track EP, Exodus. Dream Koala’s music is exactly that: dreamy, surreal and spiritual. The French-Brazilian artist is the master of creating an imaginary world that you can sink into and drift away on.

Having released an EP in 2013, Odyssey (for which the title track is six minutes of pure escapism) and his breakthrough EP in 2014, Earth.Home.Destroyed, we can’t wait for the next three track release.

‘These three songs complement and deepen the universe that I started to create with my previous EP. These are fragments that intertwine and eventually form a narrative. The arrangements that are more dynamic and reflect the dark, epic and mysterious side of the lyrics. I wanted to plunge the listener in the heart of my imagination.’

The result is musical perfection, marrying the electronic touch of bands like Air, Massive Attack and Royksopp with a totally singular apocalyptic way of storytelling.