December 7, 2015

Step up your holiday gift wrapping this season and learn how to make handmade galaxy themed wrapping paper with German photographer and stationery maker, Tina Sosna.

What you’ll need:

- Black wrapping paper
- Acrylic paint in galaxy colors (I used silver, white, copper, gold and bronze. You can also add blue or lilac)
- Little bowls for your paint
- Different kind of brushes
- A tooth brush
- Water
- Tags and strings, etc. to decorate your packages

1. Roll out a long strip of your black wrapping paper and put something heavy on the edges to keep it in place.

2. Choose your favourite colours and put them seperatly in little bowls.

3. Take the brightest colour (white) first, use a paint brush and flick it over the paper.

4. Now take the toothbrush to make little sprinkles with the shiny colours to make it look magical. Make sure to change your distance from the paper so that the sprinkles will differ in size

5. As a final step you can create some details with very close sprinkles of silver and white paint to make it look like your own little galaxy.

6. Wrap your presents and add some copper and gold details that finish the gelaxy look! That’s it! Your galaxy packages are ready to be opened!

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