December 8, 2015

Eliza and the Bear are a force of feel-good indie rock. Their sound is exuberant and happy: the kind of good vibes we all look for at summer festivals and packed out gigs. Fans of Imagine Dragons and Of Monsters and Men won’t be out of their comfort zones with Eliza and the Bear. We sent the guys a disposable camera to document the video shoot for new single, ‘It Gets Cold’ and caught up with the band about guilty pleasures, first records and touring disasters.

UO: What are the ingredients for Eliza and the Bear?

We’re like a spicy noodle soup. Tangy, but warming to the soul.

UO: What kind of music did you listen to growing up and how has that inspired your sound now?

I went in an out of phases really quickly, I’m pretty sure I only listened to jungle for a few months in senior school but I don’t think that comes through with the EATB sound. We are all quite an eclectic bunch, I think thats how we find our sound.

UO: You’ve just filmed the video for new single, It Gets Cold. Can you tell us a bit about the shoot? Highs and lows?

We decided to work with the same director as our Lion’s Heart video. Markus comes up with these crazy ideas that sound impossible, but somehow he always pulls them out of the bag. We were only needed on set for a few hours for this video, which is a massive high. I can safely say there were no lows on this video shoot..which is rare, I’ve had some pretty traumatic shoots.

UO: What’s your creative process for songwriting? How does an idea form and how does it end with the finished product?

We like to change things up when it comes to writing, no two songs are written in the same way. Sometimes it’s a guitar riff, or a chord progression or a melody will come first. Then somehow it expands into a song. We never finish a song until it’s on an album or on the radio, we always like to tweak and change bits of the song as time goes on.

UO: You’ve toured with Paramore – funniest tour story?

Well on the first night of tour at the Manchester M.E.N, the biggest crowd we’d ever played in front of, my guitar cuts out on the first chord of the first song… Just me playing on my own…complete silence. I wanted the stage to fall on top of me.

UO: Important lesson you’ve learnt in your musical careers to date?

Always treat other people how you want to be treated. We treat bands who come on tour supporting us exactly the same way we hope to be treated when we are supporting. Everyone has come from the same place, played shitty venues with no-one in. No one deserves this more than anyone else. We are all equal. We are all kids playing drums and guitar in the music room at school dreaming of headlining Wembley.

UO: What’s been the highlight of 2015?

Our headline show at KOKO is the highlight of my entire life so far!

UO: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year and in 2016?

We have lots and lots of shows coming, we’ve just announced the first tour of 2016 starting on January 19th. And also, our debut album is out!

I’m currently listening to… The new coldplay record
My guilty pleasure… Justin Bieber, but thats much less of a guilty pleasure now. Fuck it, I’m a Belieber
The first record I bought was… Taking Back Sunday, Tell All Your Friends

‘It Gets Cold’ is taken from the eponymous forthcoming debut album, due for release on April 1st