December 9, 2015

The nights are long and the temperature has dropped and we’re looking to cozy up our interiors. We asked Cocobeautea to give us her top tips on brightening up your walls, staying motivated, and most importantly, keeping snug. Over to you…

The minute the temperature drops, so does my social life. I’m a winter baby and look forward to winter all year long. So of course, I love my space to be super cozy and warm for maximum comfy hangs.

The most important space in my room is my bed. I crave for longer mornings so I can stay under the covers. I’ve arranged my bed with this amazing tassel throw, that I not only snuggle up in bed with, but also wear as a cape around the house – (cheer for multi purpose things!) I’m a major monochrome girl, so this throw went perfectly with my colour-less décor.

Shop: Typography Mug

I also threw on my favorite cushions; I could drown in a mountain of cushions and still wouldn’t have enough! These are adorable, and a great addition to my monochrome bed: perfect for those cold winter nights, along with a big mug of tea and a good book or Netflix!

Shop: Round Black Pintuck Cushion and Light Sleeper Cushion

Wooden floors can get a little uncomfortable, especially during the winter, so I’ve added this rug to my floor.

Shop: Connected Stripe Rug

I love to decorate my dressing space with hats, frames and books. This frame is the perfect addition to my shoe-drobe, and a great motivational message to read just before I head out the door. It’s the little additions that really make a space feel like home and I love to frame inspirational sayings to motivate and brighten my day. I’m also very into skulls (see my two friends hanging out on my shelf), I love to incorporate a bit of grunge to my décor, and the stag head not only works perfectly, but also doubles up as my jewelry holder!

Shop: A Smile is the Prettiest Wall Art