December 18, 2015

With Christmas just one week away, we paid a visit to East London flower studio, Rebel Rebel to get a comprehensive lesson on how to assemble a monster-size Christmas wreath. Over to you guys…

You will need:

- One wire wreath base (they come in different sizes)
- Mossing wire or string
- Sphagnum moss
- Foliage including pine/spruce/holly/eucalyptus. It doesn’t have to be traditional, we like to throw in random bits like a miniature pineapple or dolls head!
- Decorative pieces e.g. dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, lavender, pine cones

- Firstly, if you don’t have mossing wire, string works just as well. Tie the mossing wire to the wreath base and place clumps of Sphagnum moss to the wreath base, keeping it in place by binding tightly with the mossing wire.

- Cut the end of the mossing wire and push wire end into the moss to secure it.

- Once the wreath base is securely covered in moss, give the moss a haircut and trim off any excess. Now you have a neat moss covered wreath base.

- Cut the foliage that you would like to use such as eucalyptus, pine or holly into shorter, more useable pieces approximately 15cm in length.

- Reattach the mossing wire to the base by pushing the end of the wire through the moss, so that it comes out the other side. (as you would with a needle and thread)

- Place clumps of foliage all facing the same direction on to the wreath base. Secure by binding the base with wire.

- Place the next clump of foliage just under the last one.

- Continue this process moving around the wreath until the base cannot be seen. Thread the wire back through the moss to secure and attach a hook at the back with a piece of wire.

- Now wire all of your fruits and decorative pieces.

- To attach, push the wire into the moss, with the returning end push into the moss, so there are no sharp ends on show.

- Your wreath is now complete and ready to hang!