December 18, 2015

Welcome to Friday. You made it through another crazy week, so treat yourself to a little slice of calm with Friday I’m In Love, our weekly feature dedicated to digging up the artists and photographers we’re going heart-eye emoji for.

Berlin-based photographer, Matthias Heiderich adds a splash of colour to a grey winter day. With an eye for picking out all things bold and colourful, we follow his geometric journey through Berlin in this photographic series.

UO: Where does your passion for photography come from?

Well, I guess said passion is some kind of energy inside of me that showed up in my mid twenties. I have always enjoyed working creatively, but before I started taking pictures my creative energy was exclusively dedicated to making music. Where does passion come from? I don’t know, to be honest, it must have to do with the way my brain works and with all the things that influence a person throughout life.

UO: Do you come from a creative family or your creativity all your own?

My family is very cool, but I wouldn’t call them creative. At least none of them work in a creative industry or have any creative hobbies. My interest in creative work doesn’t come from a genetic predisposition but from influences in my teenage years. For some unknown reason I developed a strong interest in electronic music and futuristic artworks and movies. Perhaps that’s the reason why I started taking the photos that can be seen on my website.

UO: How would you describe your style in three words?

Straightforward, colorful, geometric

UO: You moved to Berlin in 2008 – what do you love most about the city? Best way to spend a weekend in Berlin?

Berlin is a lovely city, especially in summer. In winter it can be demanding as it becomes cold and dark. But in summer…ah! I’m glad it’s not always summer in Berlin, the city would have twice as many inhabitants and I think it is crowded enough already. What’s not to love about Berlin? It’s in the centre of Europe. It’s still pretty cheap to live here. You have great people from every corner of the world, good clubs, bars, shops, restaurants. Everything is great.

There are many good ways to spend a weekend in Berlin, but my personal favourite is to make a visit to the Tempelhofer Feld, drink lots of coffee at Two and Two in Neukölln, take a visit to the Computerspiele Museum, eat vegan burgers at Schiller Burger, drink Absinth at Absinthdepot in Mitte, followed by lots of clubbing with my friends of course…

UO: What’s your go-to working soundtrack?

Everything by Autechre (good for the brain)

UO: How do you scout locations to shoot?

Architecture databases are very helpful, but I usually find my locations walking around aimlessly and keeping my eyes open.

UO: What do you love most about urban exploration?

I love getting lost while exploring cities and listening to music. It’s my escapism and my meditation.