December 23, 2015

French interiors and DIY blogger, Julie Eye See added a splash of colour to our Stan night stand. Simply follow the steps below to add pops of colour to your bedside table. Over to you, Julie!

In this DIY project, I wanted to paint a colourful pie chart on top of my night stand. I use this cupboard to as an easy storage solution to keep my bedroom looking tidy. After you’ve varnished the top, you can put anything you want on top and it won’t scratch or fade.

You will need:

- a pencil

- a compass

- painter’s tape (you will have to get a “Special curve” one)

- a protractor

- a ruler (I used a set square)

- a brush (preferably with long hairs and specially made for acrylic paint)

- acrylic paint (4 or 5 colors are sufficient as you’ll mix some of them together)

- the essentials colours: white, blue, yellow, brown. Mustard and brick red are my favourites because there are very warm colours

Preparing the furniture

- Draw a circle with a 90cm long diameter with your compass

- Then from the center (45 cm) draw the diameter with your pencil and ruler

- Place your protractor at the center and place a marker every 20°

- Draw your triangles following your markers

Stick the tape firmly around the circle following your line. It needs to be very well stuck if you do not want the paint to go under it


Once you’ve protected your first triangle with tape along the two sides, you can start painting – preferably light colors first. Two coats will be needed for a uniform appearance. I began with a light beige (mix of white and mustard yellow).

If you don’t want to wait too much during the drying time, you can use the hair dryer!

Then peel off the tape GENTLY

Continue to paint each triangle in the same way. To get a nice color theme, you can create your own colors by adding white to a colour or by gradually adding brown, mustard yellow, brick red, orange…

Do not be afraid to mix, have fun! I often get my prettiest colours like that!

For triangle junctions, place your tape correctly along the line. When you peel off, the painting does not move.

When it’s done, take off the tape that goes around the circle …

It’s done!