January 7, 2016

23-year-old LA-based artist, Gallant is a delicious combo of blues and R&B.

His self-released Zebra EP is a haunting offering full of spectral warbles. If The xx did R&B, it would sound like this. His music is dreamy and lovely, but not happy rainbows and sparkles, the kinda dreamy that is wrapped in melancholy and shadow.

And now, in 2016 Gallant has teamed up with former tour pal, Sufjan Stevens for the first in a series of live sessions. The series, titled In The Room is an ongoing collaborative studio project with a range of different artists. And the first performance is nothing short of hypnotic.

The two perform ‘Blue Bucket of Gold’ from Stevens’ 2015 album, Carrie and Lowell. The harmonies of Gallant and Stevens are stunning, delicate and beautifully intimate. Watch the two perform ‘Blue Bucket of Gold’ below, recorded live in New York:

If that was all a bit too nuanced and beautiful for your liking, this cover of Hotline Bling redresses the balance: