January 14, 2016

January has arrived in a fit of cold and gloominess. It’s safe to say we’re eagerly anticipating payday and the onset of warmer and sunnier climes. In the spirit of embracing fitness in a month where, let’s face it, there’s little else to do, we’re sniffing out the best running routes across the country. Whatever you’re feeling about January, lacing up and getting outside instead of pounding the treadmill will help you shed the post-Christmas turkey weight as well as saving big bucks on a gym membership. First up, we lay eyes on Urban employee Matthew Williams’ running route through Glasgow.

“I often opt to run solo as it’s not only a physically positive experience but a personal and cathartic one too. It’s an escape that allows me to clear my mind.

Lacing up and getting out isn’t hard in a city like Glasgow where you’re surrounded by large parks and stunning landscapes. The Campsie Fells to the north look out toward the lower highlands. There are rolling hills all around the city – wherever you are you can spot the outline of looming hills.”

“Cutting between the two parks is the M77, one of three motorways that dissects the city.”

“The defining tower blocks of Glasgow. These twin tower blocks can be seen from almost any point in Glasgow.”

“The run through the park sees me pass a dry ski slope, walled flower garden, a Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired building called House for an Art Lover, and a sports building called the Palace of Art.”

“This monument marks my checkpoint before the return journey home.”