January 18, 2016

January has arrived in a fit of cold and gloominess. It’s safe to say we’re eagerly anticipating payday and the onset of warmer and sunnier climes. In the spirit of embracing fitness in a month where, let’s face it, there’s little else to do, we’re sniffing out the best running routes across the country. Whatever you’re feeling about January, lacing up and getting outside instead of pounding the treadmill will help you shed the post-Christmas turkey weight as well as saving big bucks on a gym membership. In the second instalment of the series, we catch up with UO Social Media Assistant, Judd Hayne, on his running route through London.

Running is something I add into my weekly routine. Whether with a friend, gym group, or by myself, it’s something I know I’ll come out of feeling better than when I started. Cold months are the hardest, but also the most rewarding. I always tell myself that getting out and doing a little something is better than doing nothing.

I always prefer to hit the streets when running. I find the most motivation when I’m surrounded by green, breathing in the fresh air and trampling over uneven, yet forgiving terrain. I make the most of the city parks by searching for wooded areas and dirt trails.

Mornings are my favourite time to run because I feel so energised for the rest of the day – not to mention catching those amazing colours at sunrise.

I love running through the canals in winter and smelling the wood burning ovens from the house boats.

I usually run through the Olympic Park – the level of athleticism that this symbol stands for really pushes me to go that bit further and faster. From Olympic Park I head over to Victoria Park.

When I reach Victoria Park lake, I’m hitting my final stretch before home.