January 21, 2016

Channeling major Portishead and Massive Attack vibes, HÆLOS are championing the sound of 90s trip hop. Their ethereal sound is euphoric and rippling with reverby melodies and layered vocals.

“Our songwriting process can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful,” say the band, “but we want to write evocative music that captures the spirit of what it means to be alive and human.”

The trio from Dalston released their debut EP, Earth Not Above in June 2015, and we’re now eagerly awaiting their debut album, Full Circle due for release March 18th.

“It’s the music you put on after the club,” Lotti Benardout, who shares vocal duties with her bandmates, states. “You can still feel that energy and euphoria, but it might bring you back to reflect on certain moments or memories.”

Their sound is epic and wonderfully entrancing, bouncing from emotion to emotion. It takes you high and drops you low by turn. Listening to HÆLOS is like entering the twilight zone, and we don’t wanna leave.