January 27, 2016

Face forest feeling a bit feral coming up for Valentine’s? Has your loved one commented on your dishevelled whiskers? Birds and small woodland animals considering moving in beneath your nose? Mr Natty is here to sort you out, if you’re looking for Big Natty Love then commit this Trim It Yerself Beard Guide to memory.

1. Wash your face and beard using warm water and Mr Natty Face Forest Soap (FFS). Pat dry.

2. Comb or brush your beard with an outward motion. This will reveal all your stray whiskers.

3. Trim your beard to the length you like using clippers. Most guys favour a number 3 or 4 grade through the cheek area and jawline, followed by a number 2 on the lower neck.

4. Time to make sure you show off your puckered lips (no need to make things difficult for your Valentine). Take a pair of sharp scissors and carefully trim around underneath your moustache to reveal your top lip.

5. On the lower neck, below the section you have trimmed down to a number 2, shave any stray hairs away with your razor. I recommend using our Mr Natty Shave Oil, this is because it is a clear oil and you can see exactly what you’re doing. This doesn’t have to be an exact line. Keep it slightly feral – like you don’t care (but you do).

6. Rinse off and pat dry.

7. Apply a few drops of Mr Natty’s Famous Beard Elixir to moisturise and soften the whiskers ready for some canoodling. Work the Elixir into the beard and then brush it down to make your look proper sharp.

8. Don’t forget the kestrel’s nests. Trim your wild eyebrow hair – place a comb over your eyebrow and, using scissors, very carefully snip away at the hair that protrudes though.

9. The cherry on the top. Apply some Mr Natty Pleasant Pucker Lip Salve to your lips. Go forth and snog.