February 25, 2016

This month, we’re celebrating all things denim. The denim jacket has to be our favourite wardrobe staple, hands down. It’s timeless and versatile: a must-have item for all seasons. Blogger and globetrotter, Isabel shows us how she styles up her Urban Renewal denim. From the 70s to the noughties, Isabel shows us the classic looks for each decade we’ve crushed out on denim. Over to you, Isabel…

As a 90s kid, I had a great affinity with the denim jacket. Even today, my wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without my much-loved Vintage Levi’s denim jacket. I love oversized clothing and this applies to my denim too. From balmy summer evenings to frosty winter days, there’s always a time and place for the trusty denim jacket. So I’ve pulled together a selection of my favourite denim looks, inspired by my favourite songs!

70s: Because the Night

Isabel: The 70s is my absolute favourite era: floral dresses, the colours, the feeling of freedom. Peace and love. Dancing at sunset to the sound of Patti Smith and the Velvet Underground.

80s: She’s Lost Control

Isabel: Ahhh, the 80s. Besides hairspray and neon leggings, for me the 80s were all about bands like Joy Division and The Smiths. In this look, I’ve styled the denim jacket with some Levi 501’s, Dr.Martens, oversized sunglasses and a loose shirt.

90s: Come As You Are

Isabel: Tattoos, Nirvana, and Dr Martens, double denim and Gameboys. The good old 90s. Add a touch of girliness to your 90s look by pairing a dress with your denim. Voila: the 90s look with a touch of boho.