February 25, 2016

We teamed up with Hunger Magazine to bring you a comprehensive round-up of the best eats around Soho at this year’s London Fashion Week. From loaded lunches to post-show drinks, Lily Silverton and Holly Fraser hit the streets to compile a list of the top watering holes around. Over to you, guys…

With London Fashion Week’s move to Soho’s Brewer Street, we were completely spoilt for choice for good places to eat and drink over LFW AW16. Here’s where we visited last week…

Duck & Rice

Downstairs at Alan Yau’s (of Wagamama, Yuatcha, Hakkasan et al) latest London outpost in the old The Endurance pub on Berwick Street is the perfect place to pop into between shows for a quick drink, some yummy dim sum and the perfect crispy duck pancakes.


A serious hit with the fashion crowd since its opening in 2011, Ottolenghi’s soho restaurant is the ideal spot when you have an hour or more to kill. We particularly like to start the day there with the black rice with coconut milk and mango for Lily and the aniseed and orange French toast for Holly. The best start to a long day of shows.

The Vault at Milroy’s of Soho

We love The Vault – the basement bar of London’s oldest whiskey shop, Milroy’s of Soho – for some post-show, pre-supper drinks. You’ll invariably find us propping up the bar eating the nocellara olives and making our way through the cocktail list. Lily’s favourite being the Holy Trinity and Holly’s the Fiery Seniorita.

Savage Salads

With a stall on Soho’s Bewick street, Savage Salads is our favourite healthy lunchtime spot during fashion week. The queue can be lengthy but we’ve been known to simply write a show report while we wait. And it’s totally worth it – the huge superfood salads come with chicken or halloumi and only cost a fiver.

Cutter and Squidge

Anyone with a sweet tooth and a keen eye for the next cake trend may already be aware of this former pop-up, now permanent store on Brewer Street. It literally could not be better positioned to catch the traffic coming out of Brewer Street carpark after fashion shows and its inventive signature Biskies – a cakey sandwich dessert filled with buttercream, marshmallow, caramel or jam – is too good to pass up. The perfect pick me up, we recommend the salted caramel s’more or the raspberry ripple.


Cold-pressed juices and smoothies quite genuinely keep us going during fashion week. With little time to stop for many nutritious meals, we rely on our vitamin intake from these 500ml bottles. A two-minute walk from Brewer Street, we popped by here at least once a day.

Herman ze German

Not the most traditional of fashion eateries but this is one of our favourite spots when we’re starving (or have had a few too many drinks). All the sausages are made in the Black Forest in Germany, by a local butcher, so they can most definitely be trusted. Simple bratwurst, every time.

Flat Iron

You can’t reserve at this soho steak spot, but not such an issue considering they give you a pager so you can nip to the pub (or in our case back to Brewer Street) while you wait. It’s our perfect pick me up spot, for when we’re well and truly exhausted. The shared-tables atmosphere is good fun, the cocktails are excellent and the main offering is huge slabs of meat served on wooden boards, and accompanied by proper fries and spinach. What more can you ask for?