March 16, 2016

Spring has arrived in a burst of frosty sunshine and we’re revelling in the first opportunity of the year to get outside. Now is the time to pull your bike from storage and get pedalling. Whether it’s a weekend adventure or your daily commute to work, combine photography with cycling and get experimental with our Polaroid Cube Plus action camera. To learn how to make the most of snapping from the saddle, we caught up with Brett Smith from East London Fixed cycling community. He shares with us his top tips on taking pics on the move.

1. Play around with different angles and shoot multiple points of view. Even taking a shot through someone’s wheels or frame can make an interesting image.

2. Bike and seat mounts are ideal for filming and it’s really great to experiment with different camera positioning such as on the down tubes, seat tube or saddle.

3. Buying or making a handle is also worth your while as it means you’ll be able to hold the camera steady when moving, without dropping it. This will also make sure you don’t get your fingers in the shot.

4. Have a go using ‘burst functions’ as you’ll be able to capture the perfect moment without having to time the picture perfectly.

5. Instead of riding solo, get out with your friends. You can pass the camera around the group and you’ll end up with an interesting variety of shots.

6. Venture somewhere out of your comfort zone every now and then. You’ll enjoy a new perspective and it will definitely be reflected in the shots you get.

7. Take as many pictures as you can; don’t take it too seriously and have fun with your friends. Be silly, but keep your eyes on the road!