March 18, 2016

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean gorging on chocolate is a total write off. Once you know where to look, finding vegan chocolate is pretty easy. We took it upon ourselves to review and taste some of the best options around, so you can buy all of the chocolate and get straight to the good stuff.


We don’t like to play favourites, but if we did, Ombar would be the reigning champion of vegan chocolate. A little slither of creamy cacao goodness, Ombar is a mellow vegan alternative to milk chocolate. Made with raw cacao, natural ingredients and no refined sugars, Ombar also comes in an overwhelming variety of delicious flavours. From the coconut and vanilla, which we could eat for days, to the coco mylk buttons which won our chocolate-loving hearts.


Let’s take a minute to fuss over this adorable packaging. The little Pana Chocolate monster loves your insides, loves the earth, and loves chocolate. All the ingredients in Pana bars are raw and organic; they also stock some crazy wacky flavours, from rose chocolate, hemp and nib to fig and orange. For a smooth and creamy texture, we recommend checking out the mint; for an intense chocolate hit, opt for Eighty or Raw Cacao.


Tearing into a bar of Doisy and Dam is distressing, in the same way that opening an immaculately wrapped Christmas gift is distressing. The geometric designs and popping colours had us before we even bit off a square of this delicious choc. Our favourite flavor is maca, vanilla & cacao nibs. Hands down. Dreamy combo.


If you’re a lover of bitter dark chocolate, you’ve met your match in Lovechock. Dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free, these delectable chocolate bars contain no refined sugar and rely on sweetness provided by lucuma powder. Their cherry and chilli combo sounds wrong, but tastes SO RIGHT. The hazelnut/vanilla chocolate rocks go down a treat too.