March 21, 2016

For our tenth issue of SHEET: The UO Zine, KK Outlet invited an array of artists, photographers, illustrators and all manner of creative types to curate a collection of work around the theme Modern Love. We caught up with the artists to find out what Modern Love means to them; from the fluttering of your heart when you hear the ping of your WhatsApp alert to eagerly watching the three dots in a speech bubble in anticipation of a response.

You can pick up a free copy of SHEET issue 10 at your local UO Store and visit the exhibition at KK Outlet, Hoxton Sq until 31st March.

Tash Ingall

Image Credit: Tash Ingall

It’s the soft tip-tapping on your screen.
The gentle touch of your finger as it swipes left, right…left.
It’s the vibration deep in your pocket of an incoming whatsapp.
The deeply passionate, heart-pulsating, fist-clenching romance that will never die….
until your phone does.

Dave Bell

Nothing is forever with modern love; everything is fleeting. Technology has even managed to erase the permanence of tattooed love proclamations. The safest bet is to declare your undying love to yourself, or to marry your dog.

Anya Driscoll

Image Credit: Anya Driscoll

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been courted by a noble knight on horseback,
or had a gentleman try to win my hand with whispered sonnets while my father’s back is turned.
I’ve never been bonked over the head with a club and dragged back to a Neanderthal’s cave.
It’s 2016, and modern love is all I know.
This year my boyfriend sent me a text saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.
He was lying in bed next to me at the time.

Merel Witteman

Sickly sweetness followed by a sticky black hole; that’s modern love.

Christian Schubert

Image Credit: Christian Schubert

Modern love takes traditional love outside and punches its lights out. It doesn’t do innocence. It’s narcissistic, stupid and arrogant. Modern love thinks other people care about its love life. Modern love is filthy. Modern love send you nude pics at work. Especially at work. Modern love is wonderful.


It’s about how love-letters are still love-letters, but now you know when they’ve been read. And with added Emojis.

Gijs van den Berg

For me, modern love is about investigation. We all investigate thoroughly before we meet each other IRL. Sure, we act like we didn’t know each others hobbies and we will ‘guess’ each others are wrong just to cover up our curiosity. In this work, I visualise the swipes and touches on our phones when looking for Mr. or Mrs. perfect. Because touching the other half feels closer yet further away than ever before.

Krista Rozema

Image Credit: Krista Rozema

Modern love happens via text, that’s a fact, everybody know it and everybody does it. And yet, romanSMS is often seen as something negative, but I prefer to see it as romantic. All of the sweet nothings flying back and forth, even though you can’t actually see each other no matter where you are or what you’re doing you can still be in love and loving someone. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I have written a love story; from ‘once upon a time’ to ‘happily ever after’ told exclusively in Emojis.


Modern love is eagerly watching three dots in a speech bubble. It’s looking at countless faces hoping to see something that says ‘you’re perfect for one another.’ it’s meeting in that nice bar with a great jukebox, but not too many familiar faces. Modern love is noticing reactivated dating profiles, and recognising strangers in the street.

Modern love is a hell of a beast. We’re all looking for it, and with modern tech we can see more people the ever before. The danger with that is we get bogged down truing to construct the perfect match. I’m trying to remind folk to not get hung up with that.

Image Credit: Matt Blease

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