March 24, 2016

‘Alps’ opens with wavering falsetto vocals accompanied by gentle piano and chiming guitar. The new track from folk musician Ali Lacey (Novo Amor) and Brighton-based electronic artist, Ed Tullett is achingly beautiful. The follow-up track to 2014’s ‘Faux’, the soaring vocals and building drum-beat on ‘Alps’ is intimate and intense, teasing us for the upcoming release of their first full-length collaborative LP.

Tullett said: ‘”Alps” is a love song written from the sight of aftermath. Lyrically about wanting to revisit a past love, but knowing you’d be completely self-destructive if you did so. The track as a whole aims to conjour a sense of intensity, beauty and nostalgia.’

One to file next to Bon Iver, Volcano Choir and Jose Gonzalez in your music library.

“Alps” is released on 14 April.