March 30, 2016

Cereal Killer Cafe is Mecca for the chocolate fiend. If your breakfast of dreams involves a variety of crushed Oreos, Reese’s pieces puffs and chocolate milk, you’ve found a spiritual home right here. We caught up with the brains behind the operation on their favourite kitsch memorabilia, their new cookbook and cereal combos so wrong they’re right.

UO: Can you tell us a little about your stories so far?

We are Alan and Gary Keery, owners of Cereal Killer Cafe, the world’s first International Cereal Cafe. We opened our doors on Brick Lane in December 2014 and have since opened a second location in Camden stables, with plans to expand internationally this year. We’ve even released the best cookbook ever written (personal opinion).

UO: What is your ultimate cereal combo?

If we had a Michelin star for one of our cereal cocktails, it would have to be the Chocopottomus, a combo of krave/cocopops/happy hippo/chocolate milk. A chocolate lover’s dream, and even better if you like your food to look like a hippo swimming in a swamp.

UO: What’s your creation process for new ‘recipes’?

It’s a combination of staff recommendations and flavours we are particularly enjoying; we’re always adding new cocktails too. The Sticky Monkey is proving popular, it’s basically a cereal version of a banoffee pie.

UO: Which were the hardest cereals to track down?

Oreo ‘o’s from South Korea. It’s a hugely popular cereal, we sold out on our first day. Then there was a problem with ecoli in South Korea so they were removed from sale! To add insult to injury, they have discontinued them: a sad day for cereal.

UO: What song best embodies the Cereal Killer Café vibe?

The cafe’s music is a mix of 90s alternative and guilty pleasures, I’d have to say ‘OMC how bizarre’ represents us pretty well.

UO: What’s your favourite piece of kitsch memorabilia?

The Cafes are littered with everything from cereal boxes to the toys that fell out of them. We have the first ever toy given away with cereal displayed in the Camden Cafe; it’s the ‘funny jungleland of moving pictures’ from 1909, a cereal milestone.

UO: What’s your favourite cereal box artwork of all time?

The original ‘monsters inc’ cereals are incredible. The boxes are 3D with eyes set back in the box: they look amazing.

UO: What exciting new cereals are you getting in 2016?

We’ve heard of a sweet potato flavoured Special K from South Korea that we are hunting down. Finding Dori cereal is also on the way.

UO: Which combos go really well together, but really shouldn’t?

It has to be orange juice and coco shreddies, an acquired taste, but strangely good.

UO: What’s your hero breakfast ingredient?

Freeze dried marshmallows, like the ones from lucky charms. We buy them in bulk so they can be added to any cereal: its the perfect coupling, like Ross and Rachel.