October 6, 2012

We looked up Mia, who works with our London stores, is in a 1980s melodic rock band and has a penchant for lipstick, leather and red.

Hey Mia, we heard you’re in a band?
Yes that is so, I work full time with music and everything around it.

What’s it called?
The band is called Mia Klose just like me!

And what kind of music do you make?
80s inspired melodic rock a la Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett and Lita Ford.

How many people are in your band?
There are five of us when we play live, me on vocals, two guitars, bassist and a drummer.

And what kind of places do you play?
We are playing everywhere we can at the moment. Our next gig is at the Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park on the 20th of October, it will be a wicked night so I hope to see many pretty faces there! And most recently we were playing at the Jubilee Club at Barfly last Friday. It was a great night!

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Probably surviving London so far, haha! As much as I love this city it’s a rough environment to handle, it’s not for everybody!


Sum up your sense of style in three words…
80s, Rock, Chick!

Where’s home?
Home is where my heart is! My heart is in London where I live, I love the creativity and inspiration it’s creating. My heart is also in Sweden where my family is. Sometimes it feels like my heart is ripped in two as I miss my loved ones in Sweden but can’t leave my big source of inspiration that is London.

How did you come to be in London?
I was hungry for more adventures in life then Sweden had to offer so I packed a 15kg bag filled with clothes and flew over. I fell in love with the city and stayed. (I have more than 15kg of clothes today just to let everyone know, London does bad things to you when it comes to clothes and shoes!)


Where’s your favorite place in London?
The small alley ways and street corners of Soho, East London and Camden are my favorite places in London. There is always something happening. I much prefer sitting in a street corner drinking a beer can with friends then going to an expensive posh bar. It’s much more inspiring and happening. It’s where you can almost touch the city. The best discussions with the most interesting people always happen in a street corner. It’s something beautiful and disgusting with the streets of London.

And Sweden?
Mostly when I go back to Sweden it’s to take a break from stress and hectic life style in London and then I prefer to stay in the country side, put on the ugliest clothes I can find, walk around in the forest and just do NOTHING!