April 11, 2016

With the approach of Record Store Day on April 18th, we’ve got vinyl on the brain. From the scratch and crackle of the record on the turntable to lazy Sundays spent listening to your favourite albums in the living room, we love the shared and unique experience of vinyl.

In the spirit of celebrating all things music, we catch up with London-based record collector, Adam Tickle to chat about his first ever record, London’s music scene and the sentimental value of vinyl.

UO: What was the first record you bought?

I think it was a record by US punk band Bad Religion, I used to love them. It was called “How Could Hell Be Any Worse”. I got it from this amazing record store in Bolton near where I grew up called X Records.

UO: What do you love about London’s music scene?

The London music scene is amazing. My friends run NTS Radio and have just celebrated their fifth birthday where they put on five nights of live music and DJs. I ended up going to three of the nights where I saw Playboi Carti and felt really old and out of touch.

UO: Where are your favourite places to hunt for vinyl?

I love going through car boot sales and record fairs; that’s where you tend to find the bargains and the gems. However, Flashback Records in London have a really good collection of second-hand vinyl. Honest Jons in Notting Hill also have loads of good stuff in stock.

UO: What inspired you to start a record collection?

I have always loved collecting things from a young age. I have a bit of a problem where I want to try and complete sets of things. I had to stop buying dub records as I quickly realised I would never be able to collect them all.

UO: What records are on your ‘to get’ list, this RSD?

I always find those RSD lists really hard to navigate. If Music From Memory do something I’ll try and pick that up, I think they are the best label going at the moment. I also heard rumors of a really small run of Savage Garden 10″.

UO: Which of your records have the most sentimental value to you?

Even though I don’t really listen to them much any more, it’s probably my collection of 90′s US punk vinyls because they were the first ones I bought. Their artwork is amazing and they are quite hard to come across these days.

UO: Do you have a preference between originals and reissues?

The nerd inside me would like to buy originals, but I know that is just not possible with a lot of records due to costs and scarcity. Andrew Weatherall said something about the fact he loved scratched records because it was a mark of a past listener, there is a beauty in that which you don’t get on Spotify.

UO: How do you organise your collection?

I have them in rough genres, but then you’ll have a party and Fat Joe will end up next to Chris Rea.

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Don’t have a record player? Check out Adam’s monthly, vinyl mix series online at HomeListening