April 13, 2016

Take a trip to Yucatan, Mexico with travel bloggers Julie and Renaud from the blog, Carnets de Traverse. The two explorers share tales of their colourful adventures in Yucatan.

As soon as we step off the plane, we are assaulted with the vivid colours of Mexico. Blood orange, violent red, citrus yellow and electric blue, the walls of the hacienda in San Jose are like paintings and their colours have become rich with age.

In the garden, although it is more like a jungle, the trees are incredibly high and dense. The heat is striking. The wide sleeve blouse I’m wearing is perfect for this intense weather. The gentle breeze from the ceiling fan tickles our skin and the lightness of the cotton in my shirt is cooling. We feel like we are in an old movie, as if we might catch a glimpse of Frida Kahlo any minute. Everything is intoxicating here.

Julie wears Kimchi Blue Embroidered Top

We are walking around and we stumble across a small church. Inside, there are blue walls, huge wooden benches and all the doors are flung wide open. There is a little stone fountain and you can hear the gentle gurgle of water. There is a timeless atmosphere inside the hacienda.

In our hotel, Hacienda Temozon, there are hammocks aligned in a row, a beautiful terrace, and a restaurant complete with shutters in dark-stained wood. There is a fresh breeze despite the heat and the jeans I am wearing are perfect for the weather.

Julie wears Vintage Levi’s

The floors are beautiful; the tiles contrast with the wooden floors and I love the abundance of colours and interesting shapes.

Being in Mexico puts you in a playful mood. My eye is drawn to the patterns, textures and shapes. The bohemian spirit must be catching because all of a sudden I find myself wearing hats and silver rings on every finger.

Julie wears Boho Statement Ring

I keep my camera inside this woven purse. I love to take pictures with a film camera; the grainy texture of the images complements the city so well. I love developing the film when I get home and being surprised at the outcome.