April 14, 2016

Our favourite green-fingered lady, Morganours from the blog, Plan B shows us how to make a hanging Kokedama to brighten up your kitchen or garden. Over to you, Morganours…

The Japanese Kokedama is the perfect fit for this glass terrarium and the ideal way of bringing the outside in for the warm summer months. They bring a pop of green to any indoor space and are super easy to make. Follow the simple steps below to create your own Japanese hanging garden.

What you’ll need

A small glass terrarium (there is also one in a bigger size)
Bonsai soil
A small plant: ferns, lucky bamboo, ivy or any tropical jungle plant
Moss (I found mine in a wooded area near to where I live)
Cotton thread in green


1. Collect your moss, whether it is from an area close to where you live or shop bought and soak with water to moisten.

2. Pull apart the moss a little and place two tablespoons of compost inside

3. Put the fresh cuttings of your chosen plant inside

4. Shape your soil into a small, orange-sized ball, being careful not to trap any of the plant’s leaves inside.

5. Wrap the cotton around the ball to hold it firmly together. Secure with a knot.

6. Cut the end of the cotton. Your mini Kokedama is finished!

Insert your Kokedama inside the terrarium.

To maintain, water the Kokedama with a mist spray bottle once a day and watch it grow!