April 26, 2016

A celebration of talented creatives and entrepreneurial initiatives, UO HACKTIVE is a community of creators.

UO HACKTIVE acts as a global creative cloud, pushing boundaries and pioneering new technology. It is a celebration of independent practices; the space where art overlaps with music, fashion and tech. Digitally enabled, we are searching, finding, gathering and sharing alternative visions.

We caught up with Oliver Shaw of Library Paper magazine ahead of the UO HACKTIVE event to find out more.

UO: Tell us a little about your story so far.

Library Paper started as a project in 2012 as an extension of our blog. The idea of the blog was to showcase the work of artists and creatives that we liked. We were always interested in how and where people created work, so the initial stages of the magazine really focussed on that. We had no idea it would be received so well and we’re now lucky enough to be putting work together for the seventh issue, which will be released at the New York Art Book Fair in September. The magazine has gone through a couple of stages, the first being very descriptive, the second being far more conceptual. This has been a completely organic way of working with our collaborators.

UO: How would you summarise the ethos of Library Paper in three words?

Up to date

UO: Can you tell us a little about the stories you like to tell?

We want to showcase work we admire, the friends we make and the relationships we establish. The magazine is a great way of doing that, and in doing it we are able to elaborate on that ethos more and more.

UO: In what ways has Library Paper evolved since its inception?

We were really overwhelmed with how well Library Paper was received. We’ve had six issues to date and are currently curating our seventh. We are now working more conceptually in comparison to the first few issues which were much more descriptive.

UO: What’s been the most important lesson you’ve learnt in your career to date?

Be proactive and productive. Even if the monetary value isn’t exceptional, the relationships you build along the way are more valuable.

UO: What other independent print magazines are inspiring you right now?

We tend to look at a lot of independent magazines; we work on a lot of fashion magazines, so they seem to speak volumes to us. The recently re-designed Under the Influence magazine, True, Mould Map, Morena, Noon, LAW are really inspiring. Then there are the more obvious ones that will be forever great: Dazed, ID, 032c, Brick Magazine, The Gourmand, Hotshoe, Le Petit Voyeur etc.

UO: What are the inspirations behind the latest edition of Library Paper?

Library Paper is always evolving and changing. It’s a side project for us, that enables us to meet people, make friends, travel, have fun and show everyone what we look for in inspiring design, photography and art. We will always encounter problems with print deadlines, submissions, costs etc but for us it’s completely worth it to be able to put out work that people enjoy and extend our reach to people we admire.

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