April 28, 2016

We love the bold colours and oversized logos of the new 90s inspired Fila collection. Tennis skirts, boyfriend tees and dungarees, it’s perfect summer weather material. We spoke to the expert on all things 90s, Candy Rosie about her favourite pieces.

UO: Hi Stephanie! We’ve been told you’re a Fila addict. What do you love about the designs?

Fila is a brand I’ve known since I was a little girl. When I was growing up, my brother had a puffa jacket that I adored. Unfortunately at that time, Fila was more of a menswear brand, but now it has repositioned itself to include more womenswear and I can’t tell you how happy I am about it. I’m generally not a big fan of huge logos and slogans, but the Fila ones are really great. What I like in the design is the perfect mix between sportswear, 90s fashion and a touch of girliness but in a contemporary way.

Stéphanie wears: Fila Lawn Mini Skirt and adidas Originals Superstar 80s All White Trainers

UO Exclusive Fila Reese Black Sweatshirt

UO: How do you style sportswear? Do you wear head-to-toe sportswear or add little touches to your outfit?

I think it all depends on my mood. Generally, I try to mix sportswear pieces with more girly items to avoid appearing too manly. Saying that, some days I’m totally out of control and everything I’m wearing is sportswear because I want to feel comfortable.

Stéphanie wears: Urban Renewal Vintage Surplus MA1 Olive Bomber Jacket

Fila Lawn Mini Skirt

UO: Do you have your staple looks for spring sorted? Which colours and textures are inspiring you right now?

I don’t have any staple looks sorted yet; my choices tend to be quite spontaneous. I want to wear more colours this spring and incorporate more pastel tones. I love comfy clothing, especially cotton, and I like to feel at ease in my outfits.

UO: Does your urban environement influence your style? Where do you get your inspiration?

Yeah, totally. I was born and raised on a council estate near Paris so my influences are really urban. I also like to mix differet styles together. My inspirations come from guys in the street, my mates and of course, the internet.

UO: Last thing, we love your silver dye. Can you give us some tips on how to get it that colour?

My advice is actually not to dye it this colour! No seriously, think about it twice before bleaching you hair, especially if you are a brunette. Even with a lot of care, you lose a lot of hair and it becomes very brittle. Choose your hairdresser wisely, don’t go just anywehere. Apart from this, I love it! It took a lot of time to get such a light result.