April 28, 2016

A celebration of talented creatives and entrepreneurial initiatives, UO HACKTIVE is a community of creators.

UO HACKTIVE acts as a global creative cloud, pushing boundaries and pioneering new technology. It is a celebration of independent practices; the space where art overlaps with music, fashion and tech. Digitally enabled, we are searching, finding, gathering and sharing alternative visions.

We caught up with Shallowww ahead of the UO HACKTIVE event to find out more…

“Shallowww, the hypertextual IRL e-commerce label, releases limited capsule collections throughout the year. All of its garments both for men and women are produced locally in Spain and Italy; we keep the production local and distribute it worldwide through selected shopping spots and through the online store.

As its name recalls, Shallowww takes inspiration from the shallow iconography of internet and its semiology, symbols, textures and patterns. Its aim is to translate the 2.0 aesthetic and the digital imagery that surrounds us to textile production through embroidery, silkscreen and digital printing. Repetitions and glitches generate an atmosphere of discordance, and the result is a dystopian environment where the images have lost their original meaning and, drifting in the digital limbo, they remain merely visual and ornamental.

Shallowww is an ongoing series of textile artworks by art collective Barriobajero ironizing the fashion market. At UO Hacktive you can find both released and unreleased garments and other items.

We’ve assembled a collection of tweets that act as label mottos to showcase the ethos of Shallowww:”

From casette tapes to clothes, magazines to handcrafted goods, visit our contemporary market at UO Spitalfields and get a slice of the action for yourself.