May 9, 2016

The delectable sound of Anteros is washed in colourful melodies, sugary sweet vocals and upbeat guitar riffs. Naming themselves after the Greek god of requited love, the band drew inspiration for their name from the space and time where everything came together for them. With the release of their latest single, ‘Breakfast’ and a packed summer of gigs ahead, we caught up with Laura and Josh to find out more about their colourful new track, what the summer has in store and Laura’s weakness for shoes…

UO: When did you meet the rest of the band and how did Anteros come about?

Joshua was the first person I ever wrote with, about four years ago. I was absolutely terrified, as I’d never written or recorded a song before that day. I showed up to his studio speaking really bad English, just so anything I wrote / sang was better than that. I think it must have worked…cause we’re still in a band together. Charles (guitar) and Harry (drums) joined last Spring.

UO: Do you come from creative families or is your creativity something you’ve nurtured independently?

Joshua is the only one to come from an extremely creative family (his mum’s a poet, sister is an illustrator and his dad is a musician). My mum went to art school and has always been painting & drawing.

UO: We love the video for new single, Breakfast. Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind its colourful art direction?

I sent an inspiration image of this girl laying on the kitchen floor (she was covered in eggs), and it all kind of spiralled from there. We were so lucky to find an awesome team, art director, Fainche Mc Ardle, and directors, J&J who shared the same vision. Everything just clicked, and we had so much fun bringing the characters and set to life (especially the shot in strawberry milk and Cheerios).

UO: What kind of music filled your childhood? Do you think this has influenced your sound now?

Laura: Definitely. My mum would blast the Pretenders, Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac all the way to school in the mornings. It was impossible not to take it all in, and I’m so grateful for those mornings.

Josh: I spent my Saturday mornings listening to Led Zeppelin, Oasis and Blur with my family every weekend.

UO: ‘Anteros’ is the Greek god of requited love – can you tell us what drew you to that name for the band and why it’s so resonant for you?

When we wrote the song Anteros, it was a defining moment for our sound and identity (Anteros being the statue in Piccadilly, London). The name means the space and time where everything came together for us, and holds a special meaning to us.

UO: Do you have a creative process from initial idea to finished track or is it different every time?

It varies every time. We do have methods, but it all depends on the day and how we’re feeling at that moment. It’s good to not get stuck in the writing processes and to learn to be flexible.

UO: What’s been the biggest challenge of band life to date?

We’re playing a few big stages this summer…so the biggest challenges are yet to come- and we could not be more excited.

UO: Are there any themes you find yourself repeatedly drawn to when songwriting?

Love and life seem to be the current songwriting topics. I really enjoy moaning at guys.

UO: What is your favourite era?

Laura: Jeeeez I guess late 70s and early 80s are the winner.

Joshua: Mid 90′s all the way!

UO: What is your must-have wardrobe staple?

Laura: Statement jackets. They are my weakness (after shoes).

Joshua: A good Fred Perry.

UO: What are you looking forward to achieving in 2016?

The sky is the limit, but we’re trying to focus on the present. We feel like we’ve spent so much time thinking of the future, that we haven’t been enjoying the day-to-day life of what we’re doing. Now we just want to have fun, set realistic goals, and work towards being able to do this for as long as we can.

Watch the video for new single, Breakfast below: