May 13, 2016

The dreamy synth sounds of Anna Straker’s first single, ‘Late Night Swimming’ are an ode to long summer nights. Her synth-driven track is hazy and inviting; whether it’s kicking off the party or setting the tone for a few beers in the back garden, it’s instantaneously lovable.

19 year-old Anna Straker has been bubbling under the surface for a while, having sung backing vocals for Rudimental, Years & Years and John Newman. Self-written, self-recorded and self-produced, Late Night Swimming is inspired by feeling free in the moment: “I completely remade a track I wrote two years ago. The original track had a 6/8 time signature and I changed it to 4/4, giving it a whole new vibe. I found this cool synth sound on my King Korg, and I based the whole track around that. I love how dreamy it is, it feels free.”