May 16, 2016

We take a look at the travel diary of German explorer, Felix Sandmann on his regular hiking route through the luscious forest near to his hometown at the border of the Ruhr.

Living near the Ruhr area, known for its big citys and industrial facilities, I’m really grateful to have a forest close to my home. It’s a luxury to find refuge in a green space that is so close to the urban environment of the Ruhr. I visit the forest almost every week to go running or hiking; I’m constantly exploring new trails.

My favorite trail leads to a tranquil area with a picturesque bridge and a calm lake that reflects the trees and forest back into the sky. The hike takes me around an hour and it’s a pretty easy walk; you can find me there mostly in the evenings as it’s a chance to get out of the city and clear my head. While hiking, I always take my camera to capture the beauty of the forest.