May 25, 2016

German blogger and photographer, Alice M.Huynh has been scribbling words and taking pictures for her blog, I Heart Alice since 2007. Writing about all things fashion, lifestyle and travel, we can’t get enough of her gorgeous photography. In our latest city guide, Alice gives us her top ten things to do in Tokyo. Over to you, Alice…

When I’m traveling I like to draw influence from design trends, food and fashion. Tokyo is one of my favourite cities and as you can see, the capital is fascinating, dynamic and colourful. It’s a world filled with flashing soft-drink machines, crowds and unusual sign posts. You can find below my top 10 things to do in Tokyo. Enjoy!

10 Things To Do, When In Tokyo

Meiji Schrein: Is deservedly one of the most famous temples in Tokyo. It´s really beautiful, rambling and has huge spiritual power. It doesn´t feel like that you are in one of the biggest metropolises because of its surrounding park and special architecture. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to catch sight of a traditional Japanese wedding and the bride in her dress. You can also bring back a lucky charm for your loved ones.

Tsukiji fish market: This market is a highlight for all foodies and especially for those ones who love to wander around the markets, absorbing the atmosphere. You can find their delicacies such as fresh fish, tuna auctions and little restaurants and food stands. If you are really brave you should try urchins and blowfish!

Shibuya: The shopping mecca! It doesn´t matter if you are looking for beauty, fashion or accessories: that’s something for everyone (and at all kinds of prices). Make sure that you are ready to spend some money. You can find all the big department stores side by side, for example PARCO, Shibiya 103 or Shibuya Hikari sit beside each other. Shibuya Crossing is a fascinating place and probably one of the most popular places to take a photo in Tokyo.

Harajuku: Are you looking to catch some crazy street styles? Than the Takeshita Street in the area of Harajuku will is the place to be. Even Gwen Stefani made a tribute with a whole album for the girls from this area. If you walk further down the street toward Omotesando, you can find all the designer stores and architectural beauties.

Mori Art Museum: The Mori Art museum in the area called Ginza is not only famous for its 360° view, but it also offers great exhibitions. For example the exhibition “500 Arhats” from the Japanese Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami. You will need a plenty of time to browse.

Purikura Photobooth: You can´t miss this when you are in Japan! It´s very easy: You just need to grab a friend and start pulling faces! The real fun is to edit the snaps with bigger eyes or add some cheesy sparkles to it. There are no limits to your creativity and it´s a great souvenir.

Rooftop Bar: If you’ve had enough of the crowded Mori Art Center you should take a break and treat yourself with a „Lost in Translation” Cocktail in one of the many rooftop bars you can find on the high skyscrapers.

Akihabara & Maid Café: This place is a must for all Manga and Anime Fans. You can find whole department stores of drawings, poster, charm bracelets, DVDs and many more. But that´s not it: there are also cafés and restaurants, where the girls are dressed up as French maids with cat ears.

Fantasy Dining: The Japanese are really in to role-playing! One of my favourite experiences in Tokyo was the many different fantasy dining venues which had various themes like vampire, ghost, Alice in Wonderland or ninjas. You should definitely check out the Alice in Wonderland and ninja restaurant here.

Outside Tokyo: The fascinating thing about Tokyo is that it is really easy and quick to get out of the city and be in the mountains in a short period of time. You can jump into the hot springs called Onsen, travel to Kyoto to meet Geishas or go to the Okinawa beach. A city trip is great but can be also really exhausting, so it´s good to take a little break!

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