May 25, 2016

We take a look at the travel diary of German explorer, Philipp Boehn on his hiking route through the fjords of Norway.

Starting in Germany, we drove across the whole country, right over the borderline to Denmark. After twelve hours of driving in just two days, we finally made it to the ferry which brought us to the land of Fjords and vikings – Norway. Right after our arrival, we were blown away by the impressive natural beauty of this country. For the next seven days we rented a little cabin right on the waterfront in Hardangerfjord, the world’s fourth largest fjord. Exploring all these spectacular places mostly by foot, we got to see so many natural phenomena you cannot even dream of. We saw our fair share of waterfalls, like Skjervsfossen, a huge waterfall of 150 meters in cumulative drop, or the world famous Vøringsfossen at the top of Måbødalen. Moreover, we hiked to the peak of a 1240 meter-high mountain, where we experienced an amazing view over four different fjords.

After a week of hiking in this stunning country, I noted one thing in particular – the route is the destination. When hiking in Norway, you don’t walk for four hours on a straight route seeking the end point – you enjoy every single step.