June 13, 2016

Take a trip to South Arizona with French travel bloggers Julie and Renaud from the blog, Carnets de Traverse. Julie shares tales of her road trip across the US, from horse riding to marvelling at the towering green cacti in Arizona.

When you think of Arizona, what comes to mind? For me, it has to be cacti! I’ve always wanted to see a huge, towering, American cactus up close. We’d already crossed the US from east to west, but never stayed long enough in the south to be able to seem them.

This year, we decided to go back there to finally see some saguaros – pronounced “Sa-Wa-Ro”. There’s a national park in southern Arizona, Tucson, where you can go to see these massive cacti. At 100-years-old, they have arms that simply stretch and stretch. They are 15 meters in height and can weigh up to eight tonnes.. They are beautiful and mystical, like tall totems towering in the sky.

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We stayed at a ranch near the national park, and rode horses through the saguaros. It was the definition of a dream come true to ride past mountainous cacti and rattlesnakes in the sizzling heat.

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