June 24, 2016

As many of you will be all too aware, England has been devastatingly lacking in the summer department. We get a teaser of heat and rays almost warm enough to burn, then it’s cruelly snatched away and replaced with sub-20 temperatures, rain that plays havoc with your ‘do and dark grey skies that make us feel like we’re north of the wall. So we escaped to Ibiza.

Despite this infamous island being up there with the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, it wasn’t necessarily on our must-visit list. The reputation that springs to mind most readily is one for over the top everything: crazy nights out, crazy drinking, and crazy prices. We wanted to be proved wrong, and we were. Here’s a few of our highlights…

Cheeky Parlour

Yes, not technically in Ibiza, but there’s nothing worse than dipping your pinkies into the ocean and noticing you’ve chipped a toenail. Ditto to damaging those carefully decorated digits rummaging in your suitcase for suncream. If you ask us, a gel mani-pedi is a number one holiday must. For ours, we headed to Cheeky Parlour, the glamorous Shoreditch fix-me-up mecca from the folks at Soho House Group. Thanks to them, our fingers and toes stayed perfectly Instagram-ready throughout the entire trip.

Hotel Es Vive

From the moment we arrived at Es Vive, we felt like rock royalty. The welcome bottle of Cava may have helped nurture those affectionate feelings, but so did the rooftop bar, ocean view room, enormous double bed and buffet breakfast to rival all buffet breakfasts. Even if you’re not staying the night, make sure to drop by for a cocktail by the pool. They also offer yoga classes in the spa, but for that you better take it easy on those cocktails beforehand. Trust us, we speak from experience.

Fresh Sunset Ibiza

For the last few years, London’s been dominated by new burger destinations desperate to be crowned the best in the capital. And don’t doubt that we’ve devoured our fair share. Wagyu beef patties, 12 hour smoked brisket, 6-slice cheeseburgers and eye-watering hot sauce: we’ve tried it all. So to say that these burgers rank amongst our top five is high praise indeed. But then we come to the mojitos, and these take number one. Muddled with a ton of fresh fruit, they were the stuff of holiday dreams. So be sure to wander down from the overcrowded Café Mambo and enjoy your sunset with one of these in hand.

Ibiza Old Town

This was a side to Ibiza we didn’t expect to see: winding cobbled lanes, acoustic guitar drifting over the rooftops and an epic sea view. The staff at Es Vive recommended dinner at Locals Only, a Mediterranean-influenced restaurant on Plaza del Parque by Tito Piazza of Cipriani fame. Sadly though, we were out of time.