June 28, 2016

Beautiful canyons and breathtaking views, our travellers from the French blog, Carnets de Traverse take you on a tour of their trip through Arizona.

It’s here in Northern Arizona, where we found what we really came for in the West. Red canyons, the Navajos, the vast dusty plains. The Mittens Buttes, sacred rocks of Monument Valley are something to see once in your life. Like the Grand Canyon. None of these pictures can convey the magnitude and scale of the landscape when you standing in it.

Off the beaten track; the Chelly Canyon and its spider rock. They say that a spider woman is living here. We stay for hours watching the clouds dance on the expansive rock.

There are a myriad of long, straight roads that trail as far as the eye can see. They lead you beyond the horizon. That’s what makes the American West so legendary, the feeling that everything is possible, that there are still virgin lands where no one lives, wild realms where only mountain lions and rattlesnakes reign supreme.

This is where we found the biggest cliffs I have ever seen, meandering the deepest rivers. Have you ever seen Horseshoe Bend? This is a meander of the Colorado River, a pin I should say. Unbelievable. Striking. Dizzying.

We are here, at the edge of the void and we couldn’t feel more alive.